Specialist Of Industrial Repairs

As we control all types of high tech systems, Our work is way more than only repairing. We offer you a complete update of your industrial electronic systems and so, a durable work of all your equipment, of all brands
Super Vision   Drives   Boards
Terminals, Monitors, display units   Synchronous, Asynchronous, Brushless, step by Step   Analogical, Digital, Specific systems
Robots   PLC   Digital Controls
Power supplies, Input/Output, CPU, Axis Controls, Power, Display Units, Security bords   Power supplies, Input/Output, CPU, Couplers, Communications, Operator pannels/Supervisions/
Panel view
  Screens, CPU, Keybords, Axis Controls, Display Units, Power Supplies, PLC, Power
Our Repair Offer
Fixed price quotation within 48 hours from date of reception in our repair shop.

Repair and Delivery time
Between 2 and 4 weeks after placed order.

All urgent repairs will be considered with a special and high-priority assistance, which justifies an increase of the price.
The service will only be invoiced
in case of successful repair
  Our offer includes
Cleaning of the system
Failure research
System analysis
Preventive replacement of some components
Curative replacement of the defective components, which can be supplied
Adjustments (according to the documentation we have) Tests (according to the technical tools: static, dynamic, functional)
Detailed repair
report Packaging of high quality
Transport fees
6 months guarantee

Different Means

Meictech Electronic is composed of around one hundred of workers divided into several services, which enables us to answer to all your needs.

Our 70 technicians and engineers have a huge knowledge of repairs in industrial electronic of medium and high technology.
Moreover, the training plans organized each year enables our technicians to develop more and more their knowledge and experience in industrial electronic.

Meictech has established a database about all characteristics of electronic components thanks to experience acquired day after day since the creation of the company (25 years).

Our teams, our repair shops and our know-how enables us to always keep the satisfaction of our customers at the heart of our projects.

Cleaning means of your systems, static and dynamic means of analysis for all components, means of test and means of logistics enables us to garantee 95 % of success on your electronic repairs.

A Cleaning
According to the state of dirtyness of the material and save the technical obligations, each material is cleaned after having received your order.
 Cleaning system by projection in closed-circuit
B Analysis
Our challenge of everyday is of course your satisfaction. That is why we invest in means every year to enable us to understand and better repair a more and more complex technology.

Thanks to these devices, we can make static and dynamic tests of digital and analogical components (both obsolete and the ones of the new generation)
C Test
In order to make all our repairs reliable, we have developed many test benches from manufacturers in the more spread brands of industry, as well for automatism, digital controls, speed variation as for robotics.
Test Benches for PLC Test Benches for Digital Control
C Logistics
Our three repair shops are linked to a specific application of our IT system, it enables:

To assign a specific number to your material, so that we can follow the progress of it and inform you.

The referencing of systems under repair

The preparation of quotations

The management of technicians’ schedules

The writing of repair reports


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