Compressor & Spares
genuvin spare
Spare parts for air compressors of Atlas Copco, Boge, Ingersoll Rand , KAESER
and CompAir.
  Meictech industory suppliers original parts of the compressor manufacturers Atlas Copco, Boge,Ingersoll Rand , KAESER and CompAir.
  Compressor elements

Used compressor elements for Atlas Copco´s G-series oil flooded screw compressors.

Part numbers
1613218580, 1613218981, 1616533250, 1616533280, 1616533281, 1616528850, 1616528880, 1616528881, 1616671280, 1616671290, 1616706680, 1616706690, 1616714680, 1616714690, 1616714693, 2989001200, 2989001900, 2989007600, 2989010300, 2989010400, 2989012100, 2989012200, 2989015400, 2989015401, 2989015200, 2989015700, 2989015800, 2989015900, 2989016300.

Used compressor elements for Atlas Copco´s Z-series oil free screw compressors.

Part numbers
1616580381, 1616585181, 1616590481, 1616595281, 1616630581, 1616635681, 1616672281, 1616679281, 1616747281, 1616718787.

Used compressor elements for oil flooded Kaeser screw compressors.

Sigma 0, 1, 1a, 2, 2c, 3, 4, 12, 15, 18, 19, 21, 25, 26,27 28, 29, 33, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 175, 290, 292 and 293.

  Electric motors


Electric motors for rotary tooth compressors and screw compressors from Atlas Copco´s GA, GR, ZA, ZR and ZT series.


Electric motors for screw compressors from Kaeser´s SK, AS, ASD, BS, BSD, CS, CSD, DS, DSB, DSD, ES, ESB, ESD, FS, FSB and FSD series.


Oil coolers and after coolers for oil flooded screw compressors from Atlas Copco and Kaeser.

Oil cooler tube bundles, inter cooler tube bundles and after cooler tube bundles for oil free screw compressors and rotary tooth compressors from Atlas Copco.

after market spare parts
  Meicetech will deliver all your requirements of aftermarket replacement non genuine kits and parts for over 28 different global compressor brands of Rotary Screw compressor, High and Low pressure Reciprocating piston compressor, Vacuum pump, Thermostat valve and elements, consumables, electronic parts and instruments, lubricants (semi and fully synthetic compressor oils) and Rebuild Air end or provide replacement Air end with various service option.
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